The KLF are building a pyramid of bricks made from human ashes

"The People's Pyramid" will be made up of 34,592 bricks, each comprised of 23 grams of a once-living person’s ashes

A fired Brick of Mu Toxteth Day of the Dead The KLF
A fired Brick of Mu

    Cult UK electronic duo The KLF (“Kopyright Liberation Front”) recently reunited after more than two decades away. Now operating the project under the alias “The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu”, Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty have proven no less difficult to pin-down with their return. The “art warriors” latest antic: making a pyramid out of dead people.

    Via a new website, Drummond and Cauty outlined plans to construct what they’re calling “The People’s Pyramid” from 34,592 bricks, each comprised of 23 grams of a once-living person’s ashes. The process of firing a “Brick of Mu” out of human ashes has been dubbed, “MuMufication,” and the duo is offerings fans a chance to pre-register for their own brick ahead of their impending demise. The MuMufication process costs £99 per person, although there are Black Friday discounts for those either above the age of 80 or under 23.

    The spectacle is in celebration of “The Toxteth Day of the Dead”, a supposedly now annual event held in the town of Toxteth, Liverpool. Every year, bricks from the previous 12 months of deaths will be laid in the ongoing process of constructing “The People’s Pyramid” until it is complete. The Mu Mu note that “The People’s Pyramid” may take generations to be complete,” though “war, famine and disease could expedite the process.”


    “The Toxteth Day of the Dead” will also feature a reception held by Drummond and Cauty at Toxteth Town Hall. Locals get in for free, but if you want to attend from out of town, you’ll need to bring a your own shopping cart in order to enter, a rule that will be “rigorously enforced. No excuses.” The whole thing goes down next week on November 23rd.

    If you still need convincing, you can watch a little advert for the MuMufication process below.


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