Tool guitarist Adam Jones’ Malibu home narrowly spared by wildfire

"Many homes on the opposite side of the highway are damaged or gone"

Tool's Adam Jones
Tool’s Adam Jones, photo by Killian Young

    The utter devastation of the raging wildfires in Northern and Southern California is absolutely heartbreaking, with over 40 people dead and thousands of homes lost. A couple days ago, Tool guitarist Adam Jones and his family evacuated their Malibu home uncertain if it would be still be standing when they returned, but last night (November 12th), the musician reported that his house was spared, although many of the homes in his neighborhood were not.

    On Sunday, Jones took to Instagram to reveal that he and his wife and two sons had evacuated their home, writing, “Thank you for all the concern love and support. *This is crazy & heartbreaking. God bless all those affected by these horrific wildfires. I hope our home survives. If not – it’s just “stuff” and I have my best friend Korin & our 2boys safe & sound.”

    And then last night, he posted footage from local TV station KTLA, writing, “#KTLA Helicopter footage of Malibu as of this morning* Korin & I were overjoyed to see that our home & property had indeed been saved. My neighbors said the fires ran behind from the highway to the ocean during Friday night & FD Ground & Air kicked total ass. Thank you. Many homes on the opposite side of the highway are damaged or gone. We are truly TRULY lucky.”

    Among the other rock musicians to be affected by the wildfires are Limp Bizkit’s Fred Dust, who apparently lost his home, and his bandmate Wes Borland, who lost valuable equipment. Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, meanwhile, credited his neighbor with saving his home.

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