The Lord of the Rings. Three Colors. Back to the Future. Perfect trilogies don’t come along every day, and they should be celebrated when they do. Today, we must rejoice, because we can add another series to the list – Bad Boys.

In an enthusiastic Instagram video today, Will Smith made the official announcement that Bad Boys 3 is now officially moving forward. Co-star Martin Lawrence in tow, the two beam at the camera as Smith shouts and whoops outside a California beach. “It’s official!” He repeats over and over, with Lawrence grinning in the background. “Bad Boys 3! It’s happening!”

To be fair, Smith’s enthusiasm is well-deserved; he’s been wanting to get Bad Boys 3 off the ground for years. Smith has even vented to social media before with the various setbacks the long-awaited buddy cop sequel has endured. There hasn’t been a Bad Boys film since 2003, as scheduling issues have stymied any attempt to get a third movie off the ground. At first BB3 was going to be released in January of this year, but then that got pushed back to November. Director Joe Carnahan subsequently dropped out of the project (and presumably took his script with him), so no one knows whether a new director is coming, and whether they’ll have to rewrite the script or start fresh.


Either way, we’re happy as long as Will Smith’s happy; at least the movie’s coming out. Now to bide our time and wait for shit to really get real.

Watch the full display below on Smith’s Instagram account below: