Bonelang and Jeremiah Jae team up on new collaborative song “Red Dye #2”: Stream

Bonelang also announce a forthcoming album called Sunny, Sonny

Bonelang "Red Dye #2" featuring Jeremiah Jae
Bonelang “Red Dye #2” featuring Jeremiah Jae

    Last year, Chicago jazz-rap duo Bonelang delivered their Venn Diagrams EP series, a well crafted, two-part collection of songs that engaged with deep topics such as the self and queer identity. Now, Samy.Language and Matt Bones are following up that release with a new single, “Red Dye #2”.

    A collaboration with Brainfeeder and Flying Lotus associate Jeremiah Jae, the track is a silky and flowing listen, peppered throughout with jazzy flourishes (think of some of Action Bronson’s singles). It’s what I imagine raindrops trickling down a windowpane in New Orleans sounds like.

    Check it out below.

    As Samy exclusively tells Consequence of Sound, “Red Dye #2” comes ahead of a new Bonelang album, due out sometime in 2019. It’s called Sunny, Sonny. and took a  total of 24 months to write. The album also shares its title with an accompanying book of poetry.


    Samy spoke further with CoS to offer more insight into “Red Dye #2” and Bonelang’s forthcoming 2019 projects. Specifically, he discussed the significance of the letters “U, O.” (seen in the above video) and the creative processes that birthed both the book and album.

    U, O. abbreviation: 

    U, O. was an abbreviation we’ve been using in the interim. It ’s also the title of a book of poetry I’ve written to accompany the album. The body of work around the music is pretty vast; videos, writing, charts, merch, etc. We’re excited to be bringing this work forward.

    On creating the poetry book:

    Matt and I like to create a lot of space around the music. Things to draw from as we work through the album’s pallet and all that. So as he’s feeling around on the piano/building compositions/laying the foundational work for the sound, I’m sitting next to him jotting lines. The book started that way but morphed into something bigger. It’s going to come lined with some photography our Art Director Dan Kanvis shot for us, all the lyrics, about 80 pages of poetry, and charts to some of the tunes. We’ve had some fans reach out for charts in the past and we found it really rewarding to see them play the songs themselves and put their own flavors on ‘em.


    On creating the new album as opposed to Venn Diagrams:

    The process has been growing. The demoing stage got longer. We had our drummer Zack Marks play over most of the work, whereas Venn Diagrams was mostly programmed percussion. Mattie just finished a masters degree in composition and that certainly had an influence. The tunes were so meticulously sectioned out over time that new information about the songs themselves would show up late in the game. There are some pieces on here that took the full two years to complete – others were quicker; two to three months.