Dave Grohl’s Devil and Billy Crystal’s God argue over who gets Ted Cruz: Watch

Jimmy Kimmel called upon the deities to get their take on a Satanic statue

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Dave Grohl and Billy Crystal

    What would Christmas be without a bit of religious controversy? Lawmakers in Springfield, Illinois are currently getting guff for adhering to the first amendment by allowing a statue from the Satanic Temple of Chicago to be displayed in the state capital. Dubbed “The Snaketivity”, the sculpture depicts Eve’s hand gripping the apple while a serpent wraps around her arm. Last night, Jimmy Kimmel decided to get a final ruling on the dispute by going straight to the source: God.

    Billy Crystal appeared as the Almighty, explaining that Chicago has always been a sinful place, what with Al Capone, the Black Sox Scandal, and deep dish pizza. Even so, he had no issue with the Satanic Temple’s statue — mainly because he and Satan (portrayed by Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl) are good pals now. They get together for fantasy football and Fortnite once a week, and even argue over “who goes where.” In fact, during their appearance on Kimmel, they played a game of Rock Paper Scissors to figure out who gets stuck with Ted Cruz.

    Watch the whole bit below. Of course, this was not Grohl’s first time portraying Satan — he previously did so in Tenacious D’s 2006 film, The Pick of Destiny.



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