Rivers Cuomo has “Two Broken Hearts” on new song: Stream

Its accompanying music video features memes and Bitmojis galore

Watch Rivers Cuomo's "Two Broken Hearts" music video
Rivers Cuomo’s “Two Broken Hearts” music video

    Last weekend saw Weezer as the focus of an incredible Saturday Night Live sketch. Now, frontman Rivers Cuomo has released a new solo song. Titled “Two Broken Hearts”, it plays out as a mellow and melancholy break-up song.

    The music video that accompanies the track, however, is a whole other beast entirely. Edited together by Audrey “Nikki” Enloe, it’s filled to the brim with Bitmojis (Cuomo as a Bitmoji is pretty endearing) and a number of ridiculous memes (Elon Musk getting high, Tom Cruise laughing, sad cats).

    Check out the beautiful thing below.

    Weezer is due to release their Dave Sitek-produced Black Album on March 1st. Head here to revisit its latest single, “Zombie Bastards”.