The War on Drugs and Tim Heidecker cover Tom Petty and “kick it hard” to “Hot Piss”: Watch

The comedian/action star/musician brought some "honky tonk music" to the table

Tim Heidecker and Adam Granduciel, Instagram
Tim Heidecker and Adam Granduciel, Instagram

    Philadelphia rockers The War on Drugs treated their local fans to a holiday gift on Friday night. Halfway though their set at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, they brought out comedian/action star/musician Tim Heidecker to shake things up.

    “You people love the taste of that sweet, hot, salty ur-iiiiiine?!” Heidecker teased everyone. “We’re gonna change the mood dramatically in the room right now with a little barroom rock ‘n’ roll. Can you guys handle that? The War on Drugs playing some honky tonk music?! Let’s kick it! And let’s kick it hard!”

    From there, they proceeded to cover Heidecker’s hilarious The Yellow River Boys anthem, “Hot Piss”, which is exactly what you think it’s about, only to take another zag left by covering the late Tom Petty’s “Straight Into Darkness” off his very War on Drugs-sounding album, 1982’s Long After Dark. The latter of which featured assists by Hop Along’s Frances Quinlan and Kurt Vile’s Jelloman brother, Paul Vile.


    Heidecker is from Allentown, Pennsylvania, so it’s likely he was back home for the holidays, and simply wanted to jam with his favorite rockers. Either way, it was a humbling experience for the guy, as he expressed on Twitter last night:

    Watch fan-shot footage below of both performances.

    The War on Drugs Setlist:
    Holding On
    Baby Missiles
    An Ocean in Between the Waves
    Strangest Thing
    Arms Like Boulders
    Hot Piss (The Yellow River Boys cover) (with Tim Heidecker)
    Straight Into Darkness (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers cover) (with Tim Heidecker)
    Red Eyes
    Come to the City
    In Reverse
    Under the Pressure
    Eyes to the Wind
    Lost in the Dream