Electronic score to HBO’s Vice Principals heads to vinyl

Waxwork Records and Danny McBride have put together an incredible new release

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Vice Principals (HBO)

    Fans of HBO’s Vice Principals will likely recall the lush score that accompanied the comedic chaos. Composed by Joseph Stephens, his work on the series answered the question, “What if John Carpenter had scored a John Hughes movie?”

    Today, Waxwork is releasing Stephens’ entire score through an incredible 2xLP release that comes pressed on 180 gram North Jackson Warriors Blue and White colored vinyl (Season 1) and 180 Gram North Jackson Tigers Orange and White colored vinyl (Season 2).

    The package also features art by Robert Sammelin, exclusive liner notes by Danny McBride and Stephens, a King Ding-A-Ling insert, and a temporary tattoo of Dr. Belinda Brown’s tattoo featuring Gamby (McBride) and Russell (Walton Goggins) holding hands and eating shit.


    Grab a copy over at Waxwork’s official site today before they’re all gone or get a squeeze of the score below. Scroll down just a tad and you can peep the artwork and tracklist shortly after.

    Cover Artwork:

    Vice Principals Seasons 1 and 2 Tracklist:

    Season 1

    Side A:
    01. Vice Principals Main Titles *
    02. Gamby Theme
    03. Epic Theme
    04. Enemy’s Enemy
    05. Conspire
    06. Time To Dig
    07. Burning Curtains
    08. Voicemail
    09. Blythe Report
    10. Milli **
    11. Sneak Theme
    12. Empty School
    13. Ram Masks
    14. Payday Drinks
    15. Road to Percival
    16. Bleachers
    17. This Pencil Broke

    Side B:
    01. Goner
    02. Morning After
    03. Dark Supper
    04. Popcorn
    05. Re-Engaged
    06. Gamby Wurlitzer
    07. Master His Talents
    08. Belinda Finds Dascious
    09. Drum Chase
    10. Doing It On The Bus
    11. Walk Like A Bitch
    12. Gin Tattoo
    13. Creepin
    14. Flashing Lights
    15. End Of The Line
    16. Dark Nights
    17. Gamby Down


    Season 2

    Side C:
    01. Gamby’s Dream
    02. Silver of Tongue
    03. Burrito Supremes
    04. Trespass
    05. Gamby Theme 80’s
    06. I’m Back
    07. Stalking Belinda
    08. Security
    09. Tub
    10. Traps
    11. Robin’s House
    12. Snodgrass Flashback
    13. Knife Trick
    14. Vintage Porsche
    15. Batucada
    16. History Is Written

    Side D:
    01. Horns A Plenty
    02. Clockwork
    03. Max Headroom
    04. Magic
    05. The Trunk
    06. Late Night TV
    07. Curios
    08. Pre Fight
    09. The Fight*
    10. The Dress
    11. Crazy Abbott
    12. A Special Place
    13. Punji Stakes
    14. Gamby Promise

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