The Dude returns! Jeff Bridges teases return of The Big Lebowski character: Watch

Something is set to be revealed on Super Bowl Sunday

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Jeff Bridges as The Dude

    Update – January 28th: Bridges is reprising The Dude in a Super Bowl ad for Stella Artois. He appears alongside Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw. You can watch the ad here.

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    Through all the strikes and gutters, ups and downs, The Big Lebowski has remained one of the most iconic cult classics of the last two decades. Standing as one of his most beloved characters, Jeff Bridges’ The Dude always abides… and soon, he’ll return.

    The Academy Award-winning actor teased the resurrection of The Dude in a tweeted video Thursday afternoon. Scored by Bob Dylan’s “The Man in Me” (natch), the clip opens on a familiar pair of jellies stepping to avoid a shattered plate of food, with what appears to be someone passed out in the background. As the camera pans up, we get a glimpse of that instantly recognizable sweater before Bridges gives a chuckle and walks off screen. At the end of the video, a tumbleweed blows across a Los Angeles street to reveal the date “2.3.19” — Super Bowl Sunday.


    In the tweet’s caption, Bridges wrote, “Can’t be living in the past, man. Stay tuned.”

    Check it out:

    What exactly this little snippet is teasing is unknown (that’s why it’s called a tease), and while this may just be like, my opinion, man, but odds are it’s a Super Bowl commercial. Companies have taken to teasing their Big Game ads like they’re actually major releases, like last year’s Tourism Australia ad that was made to look like a Crocodile Dundee sequel starring Danny McBride. With the amount of money advertisers are willing to throw at these minute-long sales pitches, it wouldn’t be the most surprising thing to find someone had shelled out millions for the the rights to His Dudeness.

    Then again, Bridges has spoken in the past about wanting to do a Lebowski sequel, and John Turturro spinoff as Jesus Quintana, Going Places, is expected this year. Perhaps this tease is related to that project? We’ll find out on February 3rd.


    This also isn’t the first time Bridges has returned to The Dude. When John Goodman received his Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2017, Bridges embodied the character once again to “eulogize” his fellow actor with Walter’s speech from Lebowski.


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