The Internet went into a tizzy last week when Jeff Bridges posted a cryptic video in which he could be seen reprising his iconic Big Lebowski character, The Dude. As Bridges had spoken in the past about wanting to do a Lebowski sequel, the teaser had some fans anticipating the announcement of a new film. Unfortunately, as these things traditionally go this time of year, Bridges’ reprisal is merely part of a Super Bowl ad for Stella Artois.

Bridges’ The Dude and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw both appear in the 45-second spot. Both characters opt against their usual drinks of choice (a White Russian for The Dude and a Cosmopolitan for Bradshaw) in favor of a Stella Artois. “Changing can do a little good,” The Dude says in the clip.

The ad will air during the Super Bowl this Sunday, but you can stream it now below.

This also isn’t the first time Bridges has returned to The Dude. When Big Lebowski co-star John Goodman received his Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2017, Bridges embodied the character once again to “eulogize” his fellow actor with Walter’s speech from Lebowski.