Lifetime recently aired Surviving R. Kelly, a multi-part docu-series detailing two decades’ worth of sexual misconduct allegations against R. Kelly. Although the disgraced R&B singer hasn’t watched a single episode, he has vowed to “sue everybody” involved with the damning project. It remains to be seen whether he’ll actually move forward with an official lawsuit, but his smear campaign has already begun on social media.

According to TMZ, Kelly and his associates are in the process of launching Surviving Lies, a new website that will supposedly debunk and discredit the singer’s many accusers. The site isn’t yet live, but its corresponding Facebook account is up and running and offers a look at how low Kelly is willing to go to prove his innocence.

Update – Jan 7th at 4:55 p.m. ET: The Facebook page has taken down for “violating our Community Standards and has been removed,” according to TMZ. “We do not tolerate bullying or sharing other’s private contact information and take action on content that violates our policies as soon as we’re aware,” a Facebook rep told TMZ.


The first Surviving Lies takedown is aimed at Asante McGee, who appeared in Surviving R. Kelly and claimed to have been kept as a “sex slave.” The Surviving Lies Facebook page links to a YouTube video which allegedly features a conversation between McGee’s daughter and her boyfriend that directly contradicts McGee’s accounts of abuse and mistreatment. In another attempt to paint McGee as a liar, a different Surviving Lies link lists out her previous arrests.

Kelly’s lawyer previously claimed that the singer is in possession of two pieces of audio totaling five minutes that prove Lifetime knew “some of the girls are lying,” so there’s likely plenty more uploads to come from Surviving Lies.

Over the weekend, a number of prominent musicians came forward in support of Kelly’s alleged victims. John Legend condemned the singer as a “serial child rapist” (which just may land him a lawsuit). Chance the Rapper also distanced himself from Kelly, saying that collaborating with the singer “was a mistake.”


Revisit a trailer for Surviving R. Kelly: