Warner Bros. working on Aquaman spinoff The Trench

A "horror-tinged" movie based on the amphibious swarm creatures

Aquaman the Trench spinoff movie warner bros dc films
The Trench in Aquaman

    It’s 2019. We’re about to get our fourth Avengers film, and yet Warner Bros. has still failed to deliver a Flash movie, or a Green Lantern movie, or a Cyborg movie, or even a freakin’ Zatanna movie. But WB did just have its first billion-dollar box office splash with Aquaman, so you better be damned sure the studio is going to milk that property for all its worth.

    Unfortunately for the WB, director James Wan and star Jason Momoa seem content to take their time before diving into a sequel, so the studio is floating another idea: spinoff. The Hollywood Reporter reports that WB has tapped rookie screenwriters Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald to pen a film based on The Trench, the amphibious swarm creatures Aquaman and Mera (Amber Heard) battle (read: swim away from real fast) in Aquaman.

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    Details are sparse as the process is in the very early stages, but it appears the film will be taking a “horror-tinged” approach. That makes sense giving the nature of The Trench themselves, former inhabitants of Atlantis who evolved into monsters after the great city sunk. They’re also a mindless horde, so odds are other underwater characters will appear in the movie, though no one from Aquaman is expected to carry over.


    Again, we still haven’t seen John Stewart wield a ring or even a hint at something like Thanagar, but we’re getting a Trench movie. Yay?

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