The Who Never Stop Rocking: Endless Wire and Beyond

The band blaze a trail in their later years with massive tours and dazzling new works

The Who, Classic Rock, Philip Cosores, Outside Lands
The Who, photo by Philip Cosores

    After John Entwistle’s shocking death on the eve of The Who’s 2002 tour, few could have been blamed for thinking that’d be the proverbial “end of the road” for the group. Even fewer could have predicted that it would instead be followed by one of the largest tours in the band’s history and their first album of new material in well over two decades, Endless Wire. But that’s not all! If you’ll carefully check the liner notes to Roger Daltrey’s 2018 album, As Long As I Have You, you might even notice enough appearances from Pete Townshend to consider it a secret Who album.

    Rather than being The Who’s twilight years, the era from 2002 to present is actually among the most productive periods since their initial heyday! Host Marc With a C digs into the circumstances that brought The Who to a full-fledged reemergence, even when the backstories aren’t particularly flattering. In fact, there’s an especially ugly elephant in the room that we have to address right off the bat, and you might want to consider this introductory text to be a trigger warning.

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    Grim and grimy tidings aside, The Who soldier on valiantly, traveling to nearly every continent possible, reviving ideas, songs, and vault material, and just when we think they’re done… Well, they shocked us by announcing work on a new record shortly after we concluded recording this season. Marc With a C is your leader, he is your guide, and he’s all too happy to help you Be Lucky on this Amazing Journey!


    Albums touched on in this episode include Then & Now, Edge of the World, View from a Backstage Pass, Endless Wire, Live at Hull, Going Back Home, As Long as I Have You, and more!