Halloween sequel finds writer: Report

Screenwriter Scott Teems has the unenviable task of finding another story for The Shape

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Halloween (Universal)

    Back in October, Blumhouse confirmed it had already begun working on a sequel to Halloween, weeks before the damn thing conquered the box office and became the highest grossing slasher of all time.

    Now, according to Collider, the studio has found a writer in Scott Teems, who reportedly turned in a “well-liked treatment” and will take the lead from previous co-writers Danny McBride and David Gordon Green.

    What’s more, Collider’s sources indicate that stars Jamie Lee CurtisJudy Greer, and Andi Matichak are all set to return, which jives with Curtis’ recent comments about wanting to do more. There wasn’t any word on Cape


    However, it’s unconfirmed whether Green will return to direct, which raises some eyebrows. If you recall, Green and McBride had been talking up sequel ideas all throughout the press tour leading up to the premiere, so perhaps Blumhouse opted to go another way. We’ll see.

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    Nevertheless, Teems certainly has a pedigree for horror, having come off not one, but two Stephen King adaptations. He recently penned scripts for Faith Akin’s remake of Firestarter and Scott Derrickson’s adaptation of The Breathing Method. He was also heavily involved in the writing for the outstanding series Rectify, which adds even more credibility to his name.

    Of course, one name we’re leaving out is the Master of Horror himself, John Carpenter. While his name wasn’t mentioned by Collider, he confirmed back in December to Consequence of Sound that his band’s ready to compose the sequel.

    The biggest mystery will be what to call the goddamn thing. 2018’s Halloween is technically a sequel to 1978’s Halloween, ignoring every sequel, which would make 2018’s Halloween the third Halloween II in the fra– ::head explodes::


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