KAABOO Cayman organizer says Fyre Festival mastermind Ja Rule should “stick to rapping”

Jason Felts doesn't just throw shade to the rapper, he throws down the gauntlet

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Kaaboo Tells Ja Rule to “Stay In His Lane”

    Fyre Festival “mastermind” Ja Rule turned heads last week when he teased to TMZ that he still “has plans to create the iconic music festival.” We all had a few earned laughs at his expense, sure, but not KAABOO Cayman organizer Jason Felts.

    “It’s disappointing,” Felts told Too Fab on Friday ahead of his own festival. “I hear Ja Rule is at the airport right now. I wonder is he on his way down here to get some tips? Ja Rule should stick to rapping. I think he’s a great rapper, but he needs to stay in his lane.”

    That wasn’t all.

    “They should not attempt to do another Fyre Festival, they’ve lost all credibility,” Felts continued. “The people who were most affected by Billy McFarland and Ja Rule were the local people, the Bahamians. All of the locals and vendors who worked tirelessly and were never paid. Not to mention the victims of Ja Rule and Billy’s Ponzi scheme in trying to lure guests to that island and pull the wool over their eyes.”


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    Needless to say, Fyre Festival clearly struck a nerve with Felts.

    “I’m upset that so many people were left in a trail of destruction,” Felts insisted. “I feel a personal responsibility to regain credibility for the music festival industry, to regain trust of the Caribbean as a whole, because the people of the Bahamas were fucked over.”

    Felts pointed out a lack of priorities on their end. Whereas Ja Rule and McFarland partied their way toward their festival’s debut, he insisted that he hadn’t even stepped foot on the beach yet, despite being in the Grand Cayman since this past October.

    “As a personality you have a responsibility to the public to use yourself and your business as a force for good,” he argued, “instead of for your own personal benefit.”


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    Not surprisingly, the work paid off for Felts. Unlike Fyre Festival, KAABOO Cayman went off without a hitch. In fact, our own News Editor Ben Kaye called the three-day escape a “flawless debut” in his epic coverage, which is a far cry from the, um, wild dogs and shitty cheese sandwiches of Fyre.

    “We’re here to put out the Fyre,” Felts added with a smile. “If Ja Rule wants to promote his own personal brand, he needs to stick to what he does well, which is rap.”


    No argument there.