After Bohemian Rhapsody became a smash hit (despite all of the critical backlash against it), it was inevitable that a new wave of rock star biopics would be on the way, ready to cash in on the infinite well of audience goodwill for the classic rock hits of yesterday and today. Now, Dexter Fletcher (who famously completed Rhapsody after Bryan Singer’s departure) will give Sir Elton John the lavish life story treatment with Rocketman.

Where the Queen biopic largely kept itself rooted in reality, however (or at least that film’s selected version of it), the first full-length trailer shows off a more fanciful side, which fits the birth of John’s evolution from a gifted young lyricist to one of the biggest and most flamboyant rock stars in the world. Of course, it’s also still rife with the glitz and glamour and substances and tragic spirals that usually accompany such stories, but hey, that’s part of the story too.

Taron Egerton will step behind the ivories as the beloved troubadour, with Jamie Bell co-starring as his lyricist Bernie Taupin.


Rocketman arrives in theaters on May 31st, just in time to make a pile of money from people who want to hear “Tiny Dancer” through the loudest theatrical sound system in their area. In the meantime, check out the first trailer, which offers a look at the whimsy and madness alike of Elton John’s world.