Baroness share artwork for cover of new album, Gold & Grey

Frontman John Baizley reveals the "final piece in our chromatically-themed records"

Baroness, photo by Philip Cosores

    After some teases, leaks, and other drips of information, Baroness have confirmed that their new album will be titled Gold & Grey, along with revealing the full painting from which the cover artwork will be taken.

    Last week, the band teased a snippet the first single, “Borderlines”, as well as Pantone color codes to hint at the album’s title. The band then performed the song in full for the first time at their North American tour kickoff in Houston on Friday night.

    Now, in talking about the painting (pictured below), frontman John Baizley has confirmed that the album title is indeed Gold & Grey. He also goes on to discuss the artwork, which he painted himself, and reveals that it will be the last album to be named after a color or multiple colors, as has been the case with all their previous discs.

    “Here is the full cover painting for our new album, Gold & Grey. This is just the first piece of a much larger puzzle. Like the forthcoming album itself, it is the result of an intense, tireless, and psychotically convoluted creative process. Both artistically and musically, Baroness have always taken a no compromise approach towards our releases, and I can’t express strongly enough how excited we are to be so close to the verge of our newest release. This painting was born from a deeply personal reflection on the past 12 years of this band’s history, and will stand as the 6th and final piece in our chromatically-themed records. It has been an absolutely wild ride, a truth much stranger than fiction, with nearly as many low points as there have been highs, but throughout all, this band has offered me an inspired place to express myself and find some level of comfort through our visual and sonic output. I hope you all enjoy this album cover (sorry it’s not called Orange). Don’t look too closely, you might just see all the hidden elements. We want to thank everyone for your heartfelt support over the years, it means the world to us. We also appreciate your continued patience. Gold & Grey will be out soon, and then the real fun begins. I assure you, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon.

    ’Til the wheels fall off – – – Roy G. Biv”

    – John Baizley


    Baroness are currently in the midst of a co-headlining tour with Deafheaven that features support from Zeal & Ardor. Tickets for the trek are available here.

    More details on Baroness’ new album are expected shortly. In the meantime, you can check out their existing discography at Reverb LP.

    Baroness Gold & Grey Full Painting