Broad City’s Ilana Glazer to co-write, produce, and star in psychological horror film False Positive

The story is under wraps, but the A-list cast is quite a sight to see...

Ilana Glazer, Broad City, Amanda Koellner
Ilana Glazer of Broad City, photo by Amanda Koellner

    Now that Broad City is over — please, we’re still lying in bed depressed about it — star Ilana Glazer has announced her follow-up. No, it’s not another comedy, or even another TV series, but rather a psychological horror film she co-wrote with John Lee for A24.

    Titled False Positive, the film doesn’t have a synopsis yet, but it does have an A-list cast, one that includes all types of Hollywood royalty that would make Ilana faint: Justin TherouxPierce Brosnan, Zainab JahGretchen Mol, Sophia Bush, and Josh Hamilton.

    What’s more, Glazer will star in the picture and also produce it! Yowza.

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    Production is currently underway, so a 2019 release isn’t entirely out of the question. However, it’s far more likely to drop in 2020, and considering how popular horror is, it’s not like we have to wait for the Halloween season anymore.


    Color us impressed. Let’s not forget, Broad City could get pretty creepy…