David Lynch offers online MasterClass series that teaches lessons on creating and daydreaming

Donuts, coffee, and smokes are optional but preferred

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    Let’s face it, out of all the legendary filmmakers to lead a class, very few are more ideal than David Lynch. He loves to smoke, he loves coffee, he loves donuts, and he loves to meditate and daydream. Eat my shorts, David Mamet.

    Well, this is no policeman’s dream: Lynch recorded an entire 13-episode MasterClass series, and rest assured, he stresses daydreaming, meditating, and, even better, rule-breaking. Somewhere in there he gets to filmmaking.

    Even better, it only costs $90 bucks, which is a steal compared to the, oh, 80 grand this writer plunked down for grad school. Though, if you double that, you can open the door to other MasterClass sessions from the likes of Spike Lee or Hans Zimmer.


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    Head here to “enroll.” It might behoove you to pick up Lynch’s latest memoir, Room to Dream, in addition to his latest art book, Someone is in My House. The former is one of the most rewarding reads of the last year.

    What’s more, his magnum opus Blue Velvet is heading to Criterion next month, and will feature over 51 minutes of deleted footage. So, if you have time in between your studies, you might want to grab that, too.

    See you in class.