The song’s title may suggest otherwise, but renewed scrutiny over Michael Jackson’s relationships with young boys has led Drake to cease performing his MJ-featuring song “Don’t Matter to Me”.

According to TMZ, Drake has removed the Scorpion track, which features vocals from the pop singer, from the setlist of his ongoing “Assassination Vacation Tour”. During his kick-off concert in Manchester, UK on Sunday night, the Toronto rapper noticeably skipped over the song, which he usually performs towards the end of his set. He has yet to publicly comment on the decision.

In the wake of Leaving Neverland, a harrowing four-hour documentary detailing Jackson’s alleged misconduct with two underage boys, several radio stations have also ceased playing Jackson’s music, while The Simpsons removed an episode featuring the pop singer.


Over the weekend, Jackson’s only daughter, Paris, came to her father’s defense. Meanwhile, comedian Peter Davidson says listening to Jackson’s music is the same as supporting the Catholic Church.