Eddie Vedder, aka the real Jackson Maine, covers “Maybe It’s Time” from A Star Is Born: Watch

Pearl Jam frontman adds some reality to the Jason Isbell-penned track

Pearl Jam, Wrigley Field
Pearl Jam, photo by Lior Phillips

    Seeing how Eddie Vedder was Bradley Cooper’s muse for his character Jackson Maine in A Star is Born, it’s only fair that the Pearl Jam frontman play the goddamn songs himself. That’s exactly what happened in Tempe, Arizona on Sunday night, where Vedder closed out the Innings Festival.

    During his headlining performance, Vedder offered up his own spin on “Maybe It’s Time”. The Jason Isbell-penned track appears at the very beginning of the film, specifically when Maine first meets Lady Gaga’s Ally at a drag bar in the boozy hours of the night.

    Not surprisingly, Vedder is a natural fit for the song, and the crowd clearly ate it up, as you can see (and hear) in the video below. It’s kind of wild to hear, and certainly leaves you thinking about the whole art imitating life imitating art sort of thing.


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    Given Pearl Jam’s freewheelin’ nature with covers — they covered songs from Frozen for Christ’s sakes — there’s no way this is the last time we see Vedder dust off a track from the film. Here’s hoping this catches Gaga’s eye and the two duet in the future.

    Perhaps at Vedder’s own Ohana Festival? Or maybe during one of his upcoming solo shows? Get tickets and find out yourself.