Liquid Sky score landing on vinyl for first time in 35 years

Slava Tsukerman's iconic midnight masterpiece is getting the Mondo treatment

Slava Tsukerman, Anne Carlisle, Liquid Sky, 80s, Mondo
Anne Carlisle in Liquid Sky (1982)

    There is no other movie like Liquid Sky. Slava Tsukerman’s 1982 sci-fi cult classic is a one-of-a-kind midnight masterpiece, fueled by sex, drugs, and aliens, the kind that don’t demand Speak and Spells but endorphins from heroin-rattled hipsters in New York.

    It also has one hell of a soundtrack, which is why Mondo got its hands on it. Yes, for the first time in 35 years, Tsukerman’s avant garde score will be available in its original analog format, and naturally, it’s going to look as vivid as the film.

    No shit. Not only is the hallucinatory score being pressed to equally hallucinatory Tri-color starburst splatter vinyl, but it’s also getting brand new artwork by artist Jack Hughes, who even sought out the approval of Tsukerman himself.


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    Mark your calendars, though: The record goes on sale Wednesday, March 13th at 12 p.m. CT via Seeing how Nicolas Widing Refn and Lady Gaga are among its many fans, you’re likely to have competition as you hit refresh.

    Take a look at the release below, followed by its tracklist and the film’s original trailer.

    Liquid Sky Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Tracklist:
    Side A
    01. Aliens Theme I
    02. Aliens Theme II
    03. Margaret’s Childhood Theme
    04. Noon
    05. Afternoon
    06. Margaret’s Apartment
    07. Fashion Show
    08. The Way the Alien Kills
    Side B:
    10. Margaret’s Apartment II
    11. Jimmy’s Theme
    12. Seduction of Vincent
    13. Sunset
    14. Me and My Rhythm Box
    15. Night Club I
    16. Night Club II
    17. Night Club III
    18. Katherine in the Club
    19. Wordplay