Phantom Planet announce first public performance in seven years

The "California" rockers are reuniting at Hanson's The Hop Jam in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Phantom PLanet reunion show reunite 2019
Phantom Planet

    Back in January, Phantom Planet played a secret show in Beverley Hills, which marked their first known performance since 2012. Now, the band has confirmed their first public performance.

    On May 19th, Phantom Planet will appear at The Hop Jam, the annual beer and music festival staged by Hanson in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    The band marked the announcement by tweeting, “Hiatus. Over.”

    Phantom Planet went on an indefinite hiatus after the release of their fourth album, 2008’s Raise the Dead. They reunited briefly a few times after that, most recently at the Troubadour in Hollywood back in June 2012. Actor Jason Schwartzman was famously part of the group up until 2003, though it doesn’t look as if he’ll be back for this reunion.

    Revisit the video for “California”: