Rammstein condemned for apparent Holocaust imagery in teaser video: Report

One Jewish leader in Germany says the band "crossed a line"

Rammstein screen capture
Rammstein video still, via YouTube: Rammstein Official

    Earlier today, we reported that Rammstein had issued a teaser video in advance of their new album, which is expected to arrive this spring. Now, government officials and Jewish leaders in Rammstein’s home country of Germany are accusing the band of using Holocaust imagery in the 30-second clip.

    The video (seen below) shows Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann and his bandmates with nooses around their necks, in striped prison uniforms. While there is no direct reference to the Holocaust in the brief clip, the German newspaper Bild has collected quotes from government officials and Jewish leaders that condemn the video.

    Reuters has offered a translation of a few of the quotes, with Charlotte Knobloch, the former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, telling Bild, “With this video, the band has crossed a line. The instrumentalization and trivialization of the Holocaust, as shown in the images, is irresponsible.”


    Felix Klein, the German government’s commissioner for anti-semitism, added, “I think it is a tasteless exploitation of artistic freedom.”

    At the end of the video teaser appears the title card, “Deutschland XXVIII.III.MMXIX”. The Roman numerals translate to 28.3.2019, suggesting that the full video could be unveiled tomorrow, at which time the context of the video may come to light.

    Other video clips and images released show the severed head of Lindemann being held by a Queen-like figure.


    As of yet, Rammstein have not responded to the condemnation.

    Update 3/28: Rammstein have released the full music video for “Deutschland”. It is posted below the teaser.