Tierra Whack delivers delightfully weird and wacky Kimmel performance: Watch

Breakout Philly rapper rolls out "Only Child" and Whack World cut "Hungry Hippo"

Tierra Whack "Only Child" "Hungry Hippos" Kimmel performance video Whack World
Tierra Whack on Kimmel

    Tierra Whack’s debut album, Whack World, not only displayed a fluency in killer bars, but also a knack for translating them for a visual audience. Each of the 2018 LP’s 15 tracks clocked in at under 60 seconds, trimmed to fit Instagram’s video time limits. For her TV debut on Kimmel last night, Whack again employed her visionary skills to pull off a two-song performance whose aesthetics were simultaneously wacky and delightfully weird.

    The breakout Philly rapper first rolled out one of her most recent singles, “Only Child”, against a backdrop made to look like a haunted playground. Whack performed while pushing a stroller that carried a cartoonish blue monster baby. Her second song was Whack World selection “Hungry Hippos” and saw the MC dressed head to toe in a bright red dress that was similarly covered in vivid creatures reminiscent of Nickelodeon’s Aaahh!!! Real Monsters characters. 

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    Catch the insane, but insanely good replays below.

    Last week, Whack released a new track titled “Clones”.

    Whack is scheduled to next perform at Coachella next month, followed by Primavera Sound in Spain, Soundset in Minnesota, and Electric Forest in Michigan. Find tickets here.