Blood on the Dance Floor’s Dahvie Vanity accused of underage sexual assault by 21 women

A new investigation from HuffPo details the disturbing allegations

Blood on the Dance Floor Dahvie Vanity Rape Sexual Assault Accusations
Blood on the Dance Floor’s Dahvie Vanity

    For over a decade, Blood on the Dance Floor frontman Dahvie Vanity has been the focus of numerous rape and sexual assault allegations, most stemming from encounters with underaged fans. Yet for all the women who have spoken out against the electro-scene musician, his fan base remains rabid and he has yet to face legal repercussions. Now, a new exposé from Huffington Post puts the number of accusers at 21.

    The list and details of the alleged assaults — any of which involve forced oral sex, some to the point of causing victims’ mouths to bleed, and mark the victims’ first sexual experiences — are some of the most harrowing accounts this writer has ever read.

    The earliest report seems to be from the summer of 2007, months before Jesus David Torres became Dahvie Vanity and formed BOTDF. After meeting 14-year-old Dianna Farrell on MySpace, where he had a popular page as a hairstylist, he drove across the state to “give her a new hairstyle.” He conveniently showed up late enough that Farrell’s mother had to leave for a night shift, leaving the young girl alone with a then 22-year-old Torres. That night, he allegedly committed lewd and lascivious battery against Farrell, forcing her to perform oral sex on him. Despite such an act between a minor and an adult being legally defined as nonconsensual under Florida law, police did not press charges; Farrell’s mother only requested Torres cut off contact with her daughter.


    As Blood on the Dance Floor grew in popularity amongst young scenesters, Torres allegedly used his fame to continue molesting and abusing young fans. While accusations have plagued him for years — to the point where he’d even address it in lyrics like, “Call me a pedophile/ Underage is not my style,” and “Look at me, I’m beautiful, not a suspect of rape! … My name and reputation won’t be the target of a slut!” — it wasn’t until August 2018 that MetalSucks first published an in-depth look at six women’s stories.

    Then in December, HuffPo followed that story up with its own report featuring a dozen additional accusers. Now, the latest exposé brings the total up to 21, with a majority saying they were minors at the time of the assaults.

    In 2009, Torres was arrested during a show in Denver, Colorado after BOTDF’s then-singer Garrett “Ectasy’ McLaughlin and another witness saw Torres with two teenage girls alone on their tour bus. One of the girls later told police Torres had forced her to give him oral sex. He was released from jail after a few days, after which he posted a video saying his accuser had “mental issues” and had “fail[ed] a rape kit.”


    One woman, identified as Kay, talked about traveling from Albany, New York to Torres’ Florida home in order to get some first-hand experience working with touring merchandise when she was 15 and he was 25. After convincing her mother to let her stay the night, Torres later forced himself on Kay in the middle of the night as she was trying to go to the bathroom.

    “There weren’t a lot of words exchanged. He just grabbed me by my hair and threw me to the ground,” Kay told HuffPo. “I was shocked and I felt stupid, like it was my fault.”

    Torres reportedly utilizes a grooming tactic in which he continues talking to victims after the initial assault as if nothing has happened, normalizing the abuse and their relationships. He allegedly used such a strategy on Kay, persuading her a few months later to work merch for BOTDF on Warped Tour. 16-year-old Kay convinced herself “that [the assault] was an isolated thing; you know, the brain does that with trauma sometimes, it puts your pain in a box.”


    However, on the first day of tour, Torres walked in on her while she was trying to nap alone on the bus. He exposed his penis and said, “You know why I brought you here. You’re gonna give me head, or you’re getting the fuck off this bus,” according to Kay. When she refused, he hit her with his elbow, gashing her lip. She ran from the bus and stayed with friends until her mother came to pick her up.

    Another woman, Megan Hood, met Torres when she was 14. After giving her her first kiss while seeing a movie, Torres took Hood to his car and orally raped her so violently that she bled and hair was pulled from her head. Using similar manipulation as he did with Kay, he convinced Hood to fly out to his San Diego home some time later. He had purchased her a flight out, but hadn’t booked a return flight. “He said I’d have to perform sexual favors for him if I wanted to get a ticket back,” Hood recalled, stating that each act of oral sex put $50 toward a plane ticket. “That’s what I had to do to get home.”

    Then there’s Katie, a 20-year-old whose mouth Torres penetrated while she slept in his bed in 2016. She later appeared in a music video from “ZERO FUCKS GIVEN” from Torres’ other project, Sinners are Winners, in which Torres pushes Katie’s head into his crotch in an insinuation of oral sex.


    And Tye, the 10th grader who claims Torres repeatedly molested her in 2012. Or the numerous individuals who say Torres groped them while they asked for autographs after shows.

    Many of the published accounts include screenshots of text messages and photos Torres sent. There are even disquieting videos that clearly demonstrate Torres’ view on women. His lyrics make frequent reference to extremely graphic sexual situations, often degrading women as submissive objects. Yet for years his fans have remained staunchly behind him and he’s avoided criminal prosecution.

    At least from a professional standpoint, things have begun to catch up with the now 34-year-old Torres. He’s struggled to keep his band together, with his latest partner (and ex-fiancée) Fallon Vendetta leaving him and the group in 2018. He now lives at home with his parents in central Florida. BOTDF and Sinners music is still available to stream on major streaming services, and he’s still active on many of the social media platforms which he allegedly has used to groom underaged girls. While some groups, like the recently deactivated “BOTDF is Garbagecore”, have been successful in getting his shows canceled, Torres actively pushes merchandise on his millions of Instagram and Twitter followers.


    The depth of allegations are best laid out in the pair of articles from HuffPo as well as the report by Metalsucks.