Galaxy Quest score surrenders for first-ever vinyl release

David Newman's punchy score makes its maiden voyage to your record player

Galaxy Quest, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tim Allen, Vinyl, Sci-Fi
Tim Allen, Alan Rickman, and Sigourney Weaver in Galaxy Quest

    It’s been 20 years since Galaxy Quest.

    We’re going to let you simmer there with that fact for a bit, and while you do, clue you in on some good news: David Newman’s extended score to the cult sci-fi comedy is finally making its way to vinyl for its first-ever release via Real Gone Music.

    Due out in May, the epic score will come housed in a gatefold package with production skills. What’s more, fans can either grab the blue “galaxy” pressing that’s limited to 1400 copies or attempt to secure the web-only glow-in-the-dark release that’s limited to 100. Try now as pre-orders are on-going.

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    If anything, the release should whet the appetite for fans still hungry for that proposed sequel TV series from Amazon. The last anyone heard about the project was back in August when writer Paul Scheer said the series was on hold but still in the works.


    For now, consult the vinyl’s cover art and tracklist below, in addition to the movie’s original trailer. This writer can hardly hold back the tears at the sight of seeing the late Alan Rickman, who was taken from us way, way, way too soon.

    Galaxy Quest OST Artwork:

    Galaxy Quest Album Cover

    Galaxy Quest Album Cover

    Galaxy Quest OST Tracklist:
    Side One:
    01. Galaxy Quest: The Classic TV Theme
    02. TV Clip
    03. Pathetic Nesmith
    04. Galaxy Quest: TV Clip #3/ Introducing Sarris/Revealing the Universe
    05. Transporting the Crew/Meet the Thermians
    06. The N.S.E.A. Protector
    07. Crew Quarters & The Bridge/The Launch
    08. Jason Takes Action/Sarris Tortures Captain
    09. Red Thingie, Green Thingie… Run!
    10. Shuttle to Planet/Trek Across Planet
    11. Rolling the Sphere/Pig Lizard/ Rock Monster
    Side Two:
    01. “Digitize Me Fred”
    02. “I’m So Sorry”
    03. Fight, Episode 17
    04. The Hallway Sneak/Alex Finds Quellek
    05. Angry Sarris/Into the Ducts/ Omega 13/Heroic Guy/Reveal Chompers/Opening the Airlock
    06. Big Kiss/Happy Rock Monster/ Dying Thermians/Quellek’s Death/Into Reactor Room/Push the Button/A Hug Before Dying
    07. Sarris Orders Attack/The Battle
    08. Mathesar Takes Command/ Sarris Kills Everybody
    09. Mathesar, Hero/Goodbye My Friends/Crash Landing
    10. Goodbye Sarris/Happy Ending
    11. The New Galaxy Quest


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