James Blake shares video for Rosalía collaboration “Barefoot in the Park”: Watch

Emotional visuals for the track off Assume Form

James Blake Rosalia Barefoot in the Park music video Evan Parsons
James Blake and Rosalia, photo by Evan Parsons

    James Blake’s latest full-length, the nearly flawless Assume Form, is a practice in both emotional resonance and powerful collaborative choices. Appearances by André 3000 on “Where’s the Catch?” and Travis Scott on “Mile High” may be standouts, but that play between Blake’s moving compositions and his guest’s strengths is best displayed on “Barefoot in the Park” featuring Rosalía.

    In the track’s new music video, the duo’s perfect pairing is reflected in a tragically fated meeting. Directed by Diana Kunst and Mau Morgo, the clip finds younger versions of Blake and Rosalía facing each other before walking away from the burning wreckage of a car crash. As the present day singers walk parallel to these children, it becomes less clear if they’re moving away from fate or towards it.

    Check out the clip below.