Jim Carrey illustrates death of Mussolini, pisses off Mussolini’s granddaughter

Carrey's latest cartoon has teed off Alessandra Mussolini, a conservative Italian politician

Jim Carrey Alessandra Mussolini Benito Claretta WWII Fascism
Jim Carrey

    In recent years, Jim Carrey has reinvented himself as an outspoken political artist, consistently irritating American conservatives with his frequently no-holds-barred cartoons. Now, the comedian has expanded his reach internationally, effectively enraging Alessandra Mussolini, conservative Italian politician and granddaughter of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, with his latest work.

    Over the weekend, the comedian posted an illustration of the former Italian ruler and his lover Claretta Petacci, both of whom were executed in 1945, hanging upside down by their feet. Tweeting the image, Carrey included the caption, “If you’re wondering what fascism lead to, just ask Benito Mussolini and his mistress Claretta.” Predictably, the heir to the Mussolini lineage didn’t love the graphic depiction of her grandfather’s death, prompting her to bluntly call Carrey a “bastard.”

    Clearly triggered, Alessandra then began to spam Carrey, asking him to draw low points in America’s history, such as nuclear explosions, the treatment of Native Americans, and slavery.

    Mussolini further implied that others hailed from equally murderous bloodlines, and rebuked those who fought against her grandfather’s authoritarian regime during WWII, dismissively asking, “Do you want applause?”

    Unfortunately, Carrey has yet to respond. But, you can check out a few more of our favorite comments below.