Phil Lord and Chris Miller sign “nine-figure” deal to develop Sony/Marvel TV spin-offs

The duo will look to expand on the success of Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse

phil lord chris miller spider-man TV series
Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Fox)

    It’s a good time to be Phil Lord and Chris Miller, after a brief period in which it really didn’t seem to be. The writer/director/producer duo, who broke big with the Jump Street films and bigger with The LEGO Movie, were famously jettisoned from the production of Solo: A Star Wars Story, and failed to get Flash up and running. But then last year (in the same year that Solo made it to theaters, no less), they helped blow Sony’s Spider-Man world wide open with Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse, which Lord co-wrote and both produced.

    Now, the duo will help to expand Sony’s Spidery-tethered crop of Marvel properties even more broadly, as it’s been reported that Lord and Miller have signed a lucrative deal TV deal with the studio. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the pair have inked a nine-figure all inclusive deal that will see them create and develop a crop of their own comedy and drama projects for cable, streaming, and broadcast. They’ll also supervise others’ projects, including a suite of TV series for Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters.

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    THR goes on to list a number of characters who all are currently being developed into feature films, hinting that there may be some small-screen crossover: Spider-Man (and his associated villains); Venom, who has a sequel to last year’s Tom Hardy vehicle in the works; Morbius, who Jared Leto is set to play in a live-action movie; and Black Cat and Silver Sable, both of whom are being developed for their own standalone features.


    It’s an aggressive move, one undoubtedly responsive to Disney+’s upcoming slate of MCU tie-in series and to the continued boom market for superhero content on all screens. But it’s hard to imagine a better pair to bet the house upon than two creatives who’ve made their names on unlikely success stories.

    Little else is known so far about what exactly any potential series will look like, but expect this to become a major story (or series of stories) in the very near future.

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