Pet Sematary director on all the cats playing Church: “They were like this pack of divas on set”

Even so, there's no doubting that we all want one in our homes


Pet Sematary, photo by Paramount Pictures

    Sorry John Lithgow, but there’s no competing with Church the cat. Out of all the stars in Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch’s Pet Sematary, the evil furball is easily the toast of the town right now — and for good reason. Church is cuter and fluffier than ever!

    But Church is also a diva.

    As we learned in our interview with the filmmakers on this week’s episode of The Losers’ Club, the Creed family cat was played by multiple felines — a good cat, a bad cat, etc. However, Widmyer has since had more to say on their on-set behavior (via EW).

    “In Mary Lambert’s movie, it’s a British shorthair,” Widmyer explained. “The Cat’s name is Church, because [he’s named after] Winston Churchill. I think they cast that cat because it’s a British cat [for] a British Prime Minister. And that was a damned good-looking cat! So, Kevin and I were like, we shouldn’t try and compete with that cat. That cat is amazing. We have to do our own thing. And in the book, it’s a very basic cat. So, we went back to the hardcover… and we were like, oh, it’s like a Maine Coon, with, like, four exotic colors and long hair. And we were like that’s going to be our cat.”


    Unfortunately for them, that breed proved rare.

    “Little did we know how hard it was going to be to find, like, eight cats who looked exactly like that,” Widmyer continued. “It was really just about finding the trainers, and then we tasked the trainers with now finding a lot of cats that could do that, and to their credit they did. I mean, they say you can’t train a cat, and Kevin and I always joke around that our apartments are living testament to that, because our carpets and our couches are torn to hell, because we can’t train our cats not to scratch them.

    “But these cats, they were able to train them and every cat had a different specialty,” he went on. “There was the cat that could hiss, the cat that could jump, the cat that could stare… They were like this pack of divas on set. You know, the cat would get on set and have to get acclimated, so all the actors would have to shut up and just kind of let the cat sniff everything for like 10 minutes. So, we just sat there, and watched the cat.”

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    One of the cats is named Leo, who’s been making the rounds at the premieres, as recently at this past Wednesday’s Brooklyn Horror Fest. Take a look below at some adorable shots, and find out which director had allergies in our new interview above.

    Pet Sematary is now in theaters. Get your tickets now!


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