Priests reveal searing new song “Jesus’ Son”: Stream

Plus, a video heavily inspired by Nine Inch Nails' "March of the Pigs"

Priests "Jesus' Son" new song music video release stream
Priests’ “Jesus’ Son” music video

    Later this week comes the release of The Seduction of Kansas, the latest album from Priests. The Washington, DC outfit’s sophomore effort follows Nothing Feels Natural from 2017 and is being teased today with “Jesus’ Son”.

    While the LP’s title track made use of glossier synths, this new offering finds Priests diving back into the searing punk of their earlier days. Singer Katie Alice Greer leads the way with her forceful vocals, which are complemented nicely by shredding, sawtoothed guitars. If Ex Hex didn’t bring enough hefty guitar power last week, look no further than “Jesus’ Son”.

    According to a press release, the song nods “to Lou Reed’s declaration that he felt ‘just like Jesus’ Son’ way back when, a statement that launched a thousand others who perhaps too have felt like the son of god at one point or another.” Priests add, “Many inquiring minds have already said they’d like to know who the song is about, it is certainly an apocalyptic sci-fi tale of epic proportions… perhaps it is about more than just a person?”


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    The track is accompanied by a music video that’s heavily inspired by the 1994 “March of the Pigs” clip from Nine Inch Nails. The band elaborated further:

    “The mythology of a rock band relies heavily on building a captivating arsenal of visual signifiers, one of which is often a ‘live performance’ music video. I put quotations around live performance because usually these are theatrically staged pantomimes of what the band would like the viewer to believe the actual live experience of their work to be like. We decided to try our hand at this as an expression of our identity— we are, in fact, a rock band— and so, we pay homage to those who have come before us (Blink 182, the Stone Roses, the Smiths, and perhaps most explicitly here, Nine Inch Nails). So now you know, in case you didn’t before: we are a rock band.

    Check out the dramatic visual, which was helmed by Greer alongside David Ashton.

    The John Congleton-produced Seduction of Kansas arrives April 5th through Sister Polygon Records. In support, the punk rockers are currently on an extensive spring tour that will take them across the US and Europe. Grab your tickets here.

    Find all of Priests’ past releases on vinyl here.