Robyn parties it up in Ibiza in “Between the Lines” video: Watch

Shot over four days last summer

Robyn BEtween the lines music video ibiza
Robyn in the “Between the Lines” video

    Last summer, Robyn made her grand return to the stage at a small private party in Ibiza. Turns out the Swedish pop star spent four days on the Mediterranean island, living it up with friends and capturing it all on a low-budget video camera. Now, director Cody Critcheloe, aka SSION (who previously worked on Robyn’s “Love is Free” visuals) has spliced all the footage together for the new “Between the Lines” video.

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    The track is the latest single off of Honey, Robyn’s first album in eight years and one of the best of 2018. For the visuals, SSION took inspiration from Wham!’s iconic “Club Tropicana” video to create an “intimate, messy, sweaty, silly and slightly voyeuristic” vibe that sees Robyn playing in a bathtub ball pit, dancing it up in the clubs, and cliff diving into the ocean. SSION explained more in a press release:

    “Robyn is one of my favorite artists to collaborate with and making this video with her allowed for a lot of playfulness in embracing the extremes of being in a place like Ibiza… the aggressive tackiness of tourist culture slapped up against the serene beach vibes… it reminded me of when I first started making videos on a mini dv camera – no pretense, DIY, run & gun… just being in the moment. We also wanted to keep the edit rude and leave in a lot of the in-camera audio of us giggling, talking & screaming- just a complete disregard for pop music video formalities to create something that feels very fun and alive.”

    Watch the clip below.