Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star vandalized with “Putin’s Bitch” spray-paint

Trump's star previously was destroyed by a sledgehammer and pickaxed, and spray-painted with Swastikas

Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Perhaps the only thing more prolific than Donald Trump’s Twitter habit is the number of times his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been vandalized. Since Trump became president in 2016, his star has been smashed to pieces by a sledgehammer and pickaxe, and spray-painted with Swastikas. George Lopez only pretended to urinate on Trump’s star, but another person did pour fake blood on it.

    The latest act of vandalism heroism occurred Wednesday morning, when an unknown individual touched up Trump’s star with a fresh coat of paint. Specifically, the individual spray-painted the star completely black; he then added the phrase “Putin’s Bitch” in white.

    TMZ has footage of the vandal in action, which you can watch below. The incident occurred around 4:00 am local time, and within four hours, Trump’s star was cleaned up and returned to its original state.


    Past vandals of Trump’s star have received hefty fines, probation, and even some jail time. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles City Council has considered removing the star entirely due to the expensive cost of security and repairs.

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