Amy Poehler is hyped for a Parks & Rec reunion: “I’m Avengers-style ready to put it on at any time”

"I should probably play harder to get but that’s really not me or Leslie’s style so you know, I’m avail"

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Parks & Recreation (NBC)

    It’s kind of wild how quickly the momentum has snowballed behind fan enthusiasm for a Parks & Recreation reunion. After all, it’s been just over four years since the NBC series called it a day, and it’s not like the cast has been invisible in the time since. Yet given, uh, some stuff that happened not long after the series ended, the optimism and kindness of Pawnee, Indiana has become the kind of place to which audiences want to return, onscreen and in a much broader sense alike. It’s also been a before-bed Netflix viewing mainstay for years at this point.

    But in the last year or so, the topic of a reunion just seems to keep coming up. In various interviews and appearances, cast members have expressed continued enthusiasm for a possible reunion down the line. Now, the latest comments come from Leslie Knope herself, Amy Poehler, who’s making press rounds in support of her Netflix directorial debut Wine Country.

    An interview between Poehler and EW ended with the inevitable question about whether any kind of Parks and Rec reunion is on the way, to which she replied: “I’m like Leslie Knope in one way, which is that I am not good at playing it cool, so if there was an actual thing happening, you’d probably be able to pry it out of me pretty fast. Mike Schur, our captain, is working on like, 50 shows right now but I have my suit ready. I’m Avengers-style ready to put it on at any time. Again, I should probably play harder to get but that’s really not me or Leslie’s style so you know, I’m avail.”


    Schur has his hands full with The Good Place, Abby’s, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine at once right now, with two other series on the way. But nevertheless, since everything eventually comes back around these days, we expect to write about a return trip to Pawnee sooner or later.

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