Kate McKinnon tricked New Yorkers into thinking she was Reese Witherspoon: Watch

McKinnon impersonated the Big Little Lies star on Billy on the Street

kate mckinnon reese witherspoon impersonation billy on the street video
Kate McKinnon impersonates Reese Witherspoon on Billy on the Street

    As a Saturday Night Live cast member, Kate McKinnon has turned in gut-busting impression after gust-busting impression. We’ve seen her pose as Justin Bieber (Calvin Klein underwear and all), entertain as Ellen DeGeneres, and, of course, take the podium as Hillary Clinton.

    McKinnon recently brought these same skills to Billy on the Street. The newest episode of Billy Eichner’s man-on-the-street video series sees McKinnon doing her best to trick New Yorkers into thinking she’s Reese Witherspoon.

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    Dressed in a blue sundress while sporting a slightly Southern accent, McKinnon assumed the role of the Big Little Lies star during her conversations with strangers. Some weren’t so easily fooled by the hilarious ruse, however, others did actually buy into it the charade and even complimented her — or rather Witherspoon’s — work.


    “You’re awesome,” one Legally Blonde fan gushed. Another invited “Witherspoon” to “come to dinner my love the next time you’re in town.”

    Check out the funny segment below.

    And watch a clip of some of McKinnon’s most popular impressions:


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