Megadeth to reissue United Abominations, Endgame, and TH1RT3EN

The albums will be available on vinyl and CD on July 26th

Megadeth Dave Mustaine
Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, photo by David Brendan Hall

    Megadeth have announced reissues of three recent albums — United Abominations (2007), Endgame (2009), and TH1RT3EN (2011). The reissues each feature a bonus track and will see fresh releases on vinyl and CD on July 26th via BMG.

    The records were vital in the resurgence of Megadeth following their short disbandment in 2002 and reformation in 2004, documenting a prolific songwriting period for Dave Mustaine. United Abominations and Endgame are also receiving a new audio remaster from producer Ted Jensen. Check out the tracklists for each album below.

    Even though the albums are relatively recent in their discography, the reissues come are no surprise, as Mustaine and Megadeth have always been prudent about keeping their records in print and updated to industry standards. For the band’s colossal reissue campaign of their first eight Capitol releases in 2004, Mustaine even re-recorded vocals and parts that he didn’t approve during the initial mixes. The band also just released the career-spanning Warheads on Foreheads anthology.


    New of the reissues comes as Megadeth work on their 16th album. Earlier this month, the band officially hit the studio to begin recording the new effort, which bassist David Ellefson recently said would likely surface in early 2020.

    Pre-orders for the vinyl and CD versions of the reissues are available direct from the band’s site here.

    United Abominations Tracklist:
    01. Sleepwalker
    02. Washington Is Next!
    03. Never Walk Alone… A Call to Arms
    04. United Abominations
    05. Gears of War
    06. Blessed Are the Dead
    07. Play for Blood
    08. Á Tout le Monde (Set Me Free) (featuring Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil)
    09. Amerikhastan
    10. You’re Dead
    11. Burnt Ice
    12. Out on the Tiles (Led Zeppelin Cover) [CD Bonus Track]


    Endgame Tracklist:
    01. Dialectic Chaos
    02. This Day We Fight!
    03. 44 Minutes
    04. 1,320’
    05. Bite the Hand
    06. Bodies
    07. Endgame
    08. The Hardest Part of Letting Go… Sealed with a Kiss
    09. Head Crusher
    10. How the Story Ends
    11. The Right to Go Insane
    12. Washington Is Next (Live) [CD Bonus Track]

    TH1RT3EN Tracklist:
    01. Sudden Death
    02. Public Enemy No. 1
    03. Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
    04. We the People
    05. Guns, Drugs & Money
    06. Never Dead
    07. New World Order
    08. Fast Lane
    09. Black Swan
    10. Wrecker
    11. Millennium of the Blind
    12. Deadly Nightshade
    13. 13
    14. Public Enemy No. 1 (Live) [CD Bonus Track]


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