Bring Me the Horizon cover ANOHNI’s “Drone Bomb Me”: Stream

Unexpected rendition recorded for Spotify Singles


Bring Me the Horizon (photo by Johnny Perilla) and ANOHNI

    Former metalcore outfit Bring Me the Horizon experimented with new dance/pop sounds on their latest album, Amo. And it looks like it’s more than just a phase, as the group has just turned in a cover of… ANOHNI.

    BMTH chose to rework ANOHNI’s art pop track “Drone Bomb Me” as part of a new Spotify Singles session they recorded. Their cover is a little more flashy in terms of aggressive synths, but overall isn’t as shocking as I expected. Dare I say it almost worked? At least more so than that Grimes collaboration.

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    “Drone Bomb Me” is taken from ANOHNI’s Hopelessness, the acclaimed, Mercury Prize-nominated album from 2016. “It’s a love song from the perspective of a girl in Afghanistan, say a 9-year-old girl whose family’s been killed by a drone bomb,” ANOHNI told BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac. “She is kind of looking up at the sky and she’s gotten herself to a place where she just wants to be killed by a drone bomb too.”


    Check out Bring Me the Horizon’s cover, along with their Spotify Singles version of “mother tongue”.

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