Miley Cyrus made a full video for her Nine Inch Nails remake from Black Mirror: Watch

"Head Like a Hole" gets turned into "On a Roll" for the show's Ashley O

Miley Cyrus Black Mirror Nine Inch Nails Ashley O – On a Roll Music Video
Miley Cyrus’ Ashley O from Black Mirror

    Black Mirror Series 5 ended with a warped take on pop stardom starring a real-life pop star, Miley Cyrus. In the show’s typical subversive style, creator Charlie Brooker reworked Nine Inch Nails songs to become the fictional Ashely O’s tween-friendly hits. Though we only get snippets of “On a Roll” (“Head Like a Hole”… get it?) in the actual show, it turns out Cyrus recorded a full version of the track’s music video.

    Full of neon lights and pleather-clad backup dancers, the “On a Roll” clip is a far cry from the identity Miley Cyrus has established for her real pop career. But for Black Mirror’s Ashley O, the hooky empowerment banger is a perfect sales pitch for the Ashely Too dolls. That is, until the mirror begins to shatter near the video’s end…

    Take a look at “On a Roll” below, and catch Miley Cyrus on Black Mirror. You can also snag NIN’s limited edition t-shirt that features the “the iconic lyrics” of Ashley O at the band’s official website.



    For real Miley music, check out her new EP, She Is Coming. The effort is part of the She Is: Miley Cyrus trilogy, with She Is Here and She Is Everything coming separately later this year.

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