Nicki Minaj teases new album, freestyles, and goes to Red Lobster with Fallon: Watch

The Queen also talks about her first gig and getting fired from her serving jobs

Nicki Minaj on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

    Nicki Minaj appeared as a guest on Thursday night’s edition of The Tonight Show to promote her new single, “Megatron”. While she didn’t actually perform the track, she did use her appearance to tease her new album and freestyle a few bars. Oh, and she took Jimmy Fallon’s ass on a date to Red Lobster.

    Before they hopped in the pink stretch SUV limo to get their cheddar bay biscuits on, Minaj told Fallon about her plans for a new record. She didn’t reveal much besides that it’s in the works, saying she wasn’t ready to reveal a date and doesn’t yet have a title. She also touched on her first-ever gig, recalling getting paid $800 dollars and being surprised that the audience knew the words to her debut mixtape.

    After the chat, Minaj took a spin on the Wheel of Freestyle, where she had to spit bars about edible arrangements, the Yeti, and hexagons. The Queen has obviously had better verses, but props to that entendre on edible arrangements.


    In a pre-recorded segment, Minaj and Fallon revisited her old stomping grounds at the Times Square Red Lobster, a restaurant where she used to serve. It was apparently Fallon’s first time eating at Red Lobster, so Minaj made sure he had the full experience by ordering Lobsteritas, two ultimate feasts, and of course a stack of cheddar bay biscuits. She also talked about one of the “three or four” times she was fired from her serving job, recalling how she once chased down a tip dodger, banged on their car window and demanded her pen back while flipping them off. She got a chance to redeem herself, though, as the night ended with Fallon and Minaj serving unsuspecting customers at the restaurant.

    Watch all the segments below.