Thom Yorke’s ANIMA film, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, premieres on Netflix: Watch

The 15-minute "one-reeler" is a companion film to Yorke's new solo album of the same name


Thom Yorke in Paul Thomas Anderson’s ANIMA film

    The new Thom Yorke solo album, ANIMA, is finally out today and streaming. Its companion film of the same name, directed by renowned filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be BloodBoogie Nights), is also now available to watch on Netflix.

    The 15-minute visual takes the form of a “one-reeler” and is set to the tune of three ANIMA album tracks, “Not the News”, “Traffic”, and “Dawn Chorus”. The Radiohead frontman himself stars throughout the film alongside actress and real-life partner Dajana Roncione, and the two have more than a few romantic interactions together. He and the other cast members are also seen performing intense choreography by Suspiria collaborator Damien Jalet.

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    Shot in May, Anderson filmed in a variety of settings in both Prague and Les Baux-de-Provence in southern France. There are some scenes that take place on subways and in dark alleys; others play out like dreamlike, mind-bending moments which look as though Yorke’s world is turned upside down.


    Speaking to Variety, Anderson compared Yorke’s acting to that of famed silent film actor Buster Keaton, aka “The Great Stone Face”. “Well, he has that similar thing, doesn’t he?” Anderson said. “Like, physically. He’s amazing with his body — very, very physical. I just kept saying, ‘More Buster Keaton, more Buster Keaton!’ It seemed to fit.”

    Check out a trailer below, and watch the full ANIMA film on Netflix here.


    Anderson previously helmed Radiohead’s music video for the 2016 Moon Shaped Pool single “Daydreaming”. His last feature-length film, Phantom Thread, featured a brilliant score provided by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood.

    To support both ANIMA projects, Yorke will tour both Europe and North America starting next month. You can purchase tickets to all of Yorke’s upcoming shows here.


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