Bruce Springsteen announces Western Stars companion movie

The Boss promises a start-to-finish performance of his new LP, plus "some other things"

Bruce Springsteen Western Stars film movie announcement
Bruce Springsteen

    A month ago, Bruce Springsteen released his first album in five years, Western Stars. Now, he’s announced a  companion film.

    On Wednesday, Springsteen called into his dedicated SiriusXM radio channel. During his 10-minute surprise chat with hosts Dave Marsh and Jim Rotolo, the E Street Band leader touched on a broad range of topics, including recent shows, his fanbase, and more. Most notably, the iconic singer-songwriter began to reveal details about Western Stars’ companion film.

    After noting that the visual was “looking good,” Springsteen explained, “We made a film of the Western Stars album, where I play the record start to finish along with some other things… We knew we weren’t going to tour, so I was looking for a way to get some of the music live to the audience.”


    He continued,

    “We’re excited by the whole reception of the record because I thought the record was a little off to the left and I really didn’t know what kind of response it was gonna get. But, you know, just walking around and talking to fans on the street and seeing how the record was received, it was very exciting and made us look for how we could sort of further that experience for the fans without going out and playing live right now. ‘Cause I’m still working on some other changes.”

    Listen to the full interview below.

    Update – August 16th: Western Stars will receive a theatrical release.

    The upcoming film comes on the heels of Springsteen’s Netflix special, Springsteen on Broadway, which debuted last December.


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