Dave Bautista says he’d pass on role in Fast and Furious franchise: “I’d rather do good films”

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor gave a hard pass to a fan's suggestion that he join the Fast and Furious franchise

Dave Bautista Fast and Furious spin-off twitter shade
Dave Bautista in Blade Runner 2049 (via Warner Bros.)

    Every once in a while, someone will hit up an actor or actress on social media, pitching them on their idea for a new film. Very occasionally, the idea will take off, but more often, it’ll go ignored. However, Dave Bautista has taken a third path by shamelessly roasting a fan’s recent proposal that he should join the Fast and Furious franchise.

    In mid-June, John Cena was announced for Fast and Furious 9, with longtime franchise star Dwayne Johnson likely stepping away thanks to feuding with Vin Diesel. Around that time, a Twitter user hit up Bautista, suggesting that the Guardians of the Galaxy star could potentially play the villain in a WWF-heavy spin-off with Cena and Johnson. Bautista was not having it, however, responding with a series of vomit emojis and posting “Thank you for consideration.” To ensure his passive aggression did not go unnoticed, he added as a hashtag “I’d rather do good films.”

    Not that Bautista is hurting for work. Following a standout appearance in Blade Runner 2049, he has reunited with director Denis Villeneuve for the upcoming sci-fi fantasy Dune. The Avengers: Infinity War actor will also reprise his role as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 after Disney fired then rehired director James Gunn. But first, he’ll appear alongside Kumail Nanjiani in the buddy action comedy Stuber, in theaters later this month.