Joe Perry: “When the time is right, Aerosmith will come around to do another record”

"It doesn't take much to get me going -- I love to record"

Joe Perry
Joe Perry, photo by Raymond Ahner

    It’s been nearly seven years since Aerosmith released their last studio album, Music From Another Dimension, with fans wondering if the legendary band will ever record another LP. But guitarist Joe Perry tells us the band will hit the studio for a new album “when the time is right.”

    Heavy Consequence recently spoke with Perry about his supergroup The Hollywood Vampires, who recently released their second album, Rise, and we asked the guitarist if recording with Hollywood Vampires bandmates Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp got his creative juices flowing for new Aerosmith music.

    “Actually I had just finished working on my last solo album [prior to the new Hollywood Vampires LP],” he told us, “so I had been in the studio for the three or four months before we started on the Vampires record — so I was already rolling in the studio. It doesn’t take much to get me going — I love to record. So, when the time is right, Aerosmith will come around to do another record.”


    Perry went on to explain that Aerosmith’s focus has been on their Las Vegas “Deuces Are Wild” residency, which kicked off earlier this year. “This Vegas [residency], we wanted it to be something new and unique, and it took up most of our time, certainly as much time as it would to make a record. We started talking about [the residency] a year ago, so it was a big production. So far, it seems to be working. I’m pretty surprised, if you wanna know the truth.”

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    Having officially formed in 1970, next year will mark Aerosmith’s 50th anniversary, and we were curious if the band had anything special planned to mark the occasion. “I think we’re just going to celebrate it as an ongoing thing,” Perry remarked. “I know we have a few things planned, a couple things I can’t mention right now until they’re solidified, but there’s a few surprises we have.”

    For now, Aerosmith are bringing their “Deuces Are Wild” show to the East Coast for select dates in August, before returning to Sin City for more residency shows in the fall.


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