Kanye and Kim Kardashian enlist Donald Trump’s help to free ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky is in solitary confinement after a street fight in Sweden

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Donald Trump, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian

    ASAP Rocky was arrested earlier this month after a street altercation in Stockholm, Sweden. He’s currently in solitary confinement, where he’s reportedly been denied phone call and visitation privileges. While numerous US celebrities and politicians have called for the release of the ASAP Mob rapper, Rocky now officially has one of the most powerful couples lobbying on his behalf: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

    At Kanye’s urging, Kim personally reached out to her White House contacts, namely Jared Kushner, in hopes of an American intervention regarding Rocky’s detainment. According to reports by TMZ and Axios, her pleading has paid off; Kushner leaned on Donald Trump and now the president has directly requested that his team “resolve” the overseas issue.

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was previously called out for not doing enough for Rocky the last two weeks. His efforts are expected to change now that Kanye, Kim, and Trump are involved.

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    The timing couldn’t be better for Rocky. Per Axios, tomorrow Swedish officials are scheduled to decide whether they’ll charge Rocky or release him. However, TMZ reports that there is “real fear prosecutors might delay their decision … and keep [Rocky] in custody” for another two weeks. Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Carl Risch will supposedly be at Rocky’s hearing on Friday.

    Update: Kardashian has taken to Twitter to thank Trump, Pompeo, and Kushner for their assistance.

    Although Kanye and Trump were once good buddies, the rapper has since distanced himself from the POTUS after having his eyes “opened” to the politician’s problematic behavior and policies. Kim’s connection to the Capitol is far more veritable.


    Not only did she actually meet with Trump to discuss prison reform, but the lawyer-in-training worked with the White House to grant clemency to Alice Marie Johnson. Kim has also been credited with helping release 17 people from prison in just 90 days’ time.

    Meanwhile, Cardi B has recently weighed in on the matter. The Grammy-winner said that, while she won’t join other artists in a boycott against Sweden, she would like to see Rocky freed.


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