Momo Challenge hoax being turned into a horror movie

Orion Pictures is on a mission to scare parents everywhere

Momo Challenge being turned into a horror movie
Momo Challenge

    Hollywood has set its sights on the Momo Challenge. As Deadline reports, Orion Pictures is keen on turning last year’s Internet phenomenon into a creepy new horror movie that will undoubtedly get under the skin of parents worldwide.

    Never heard of it? Essentially, a bunch of assholes turned Japanese artist Keisuke Aisawa’s 2016 sculpture “Mother Bird” into an online urban legend. Said legend then evolved into a nonexistent social media challenge that reportedly prompted children to perform harrowing acts, from mutilation to suicide. Of course, it was all bullshit.

    But it’s the kind of bullshit that could make for a fun horror movie. That’s why Orion plans to partner with Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment and producer Taka Ichise for the project. If those names ring a bell, then you’re a big fan of Japanese horror adaptations as the two delivered both The Grudge and The Ring. In other words, the marriage makes sense.


    Whether or not it works remains to be seen. If history tells us anything, it’s that Internet culture hardly translates into feature films. It didn’t work for 2016’s Lights Out and it certainly didn’t work for 2018’s Slenderman. But hey, slap on an Emerald filter, find a narrow hall, fiddle with the lighting, and flood it with jump scares — voila, a horror franchise is born.

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