Varsity Blues wants another life on Quibi

Get ready for a "modern take" on a movie from 1999...

Varsity Blues TV Series
Varsity Blues

    Varsity Blues will have another life. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeffrey Katzenberg’s forthcoming streaming outlet Quibi has begun developing a “modern take” on the 1999 teen football drama starring James Van Der Beek.

    Stuber scribe Tripper Clancy has been tapped to offer a new spin on the original film, which followed a small town Texas football team under the command of a corrupt coach. What might this modern spin be? Maybe he’s a nice coach?  Well, we already saw that for five glorious seasons on NBC’s Friday Night Lights, so it would behoove them to keep the slime ball in the front office.

    Nevertheless, Clancy is joined by the film’s original producers Mike Tollin and Tova Laiter, who will serve as executive producers. “For all those who cheered Mox’s refrain, ‘I don’t want your life,’ as well as all those who never heard of the West Canaan Coyotes, we’re thrilled to bring Varsity Blues to Quibi and into the 21st century!” Tollin said in a statement.


    As of press time, there’s no word whether this “modern take” will include Collective Soul’s “Run”, whip cream bikinis, or the charm of Amy Smart. For now, revisit the original below and try not to cry over seeing the late Paul Walker.

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