Watchmen Comic-Con trailer offers deadly new look: Watch

Damon Lindelof's new spin on the legendary graphic novel looks deliciously gritty

HBO's Watchmen Comic-Con Trailer

    HBO has shared an exciting new trailer for their highly-anticipated adaptation of Watchmen. The latest preview comes straight out of San Diego Comic-Con 2019 and offers a more extensive look than the teaser that was released back in May.

    Conceived by Lost and The Leftovers creator Damon Lindelof, the new spin on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ classic graphic novel isn’t a sequel, per se, but a “remix” of Moore and Gibbon’s original comics. As such, it takes place several years later.

    Below, you’ll see Lindelof’s gritty new vision, which stars Regina KingTim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr.Miami Vice’s own Don Johnson, and Jeremy Irons, who plays the anti-villain Ozymandias. Don’t forget: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are handling the music.


    Here’s a full synopsis:

    Watchmen takes place in an alternative, contemporary reality in the United States, in which masked vigilantes became outlawed due to their violent methods. Despite this, some gather around in order to start a revolution while others are going out to stop it before it is too late, as a greatly wide question levitates above them all; who watches the Watchmen?

    Watchmen saves the future this fall on HBO. Update: HBO has announced an October 20th, 2019 premiere date for Watchmen.