Yesterday movie trailer re-edited to imagine a world without GWAR instead of The Beatles: Watch

Forget the Fab Four! What if GWAR never existed?

YesterSlay, via YouTube: Ryan’s Shorts

    In the new movie Yesterday, a world is imagined where The Beatles don’t exist, but in the movie YesterSlay, the world is faced with an even more horrific conundrum: What if GWAR never existed?

    Thanks to a clever YouTuber, the trailer for Yesterday has been re-edited as YesterSlay, depicting that exact quandary — a world in which the protagonist, Jack Malick (played by Himesh Patel), is the only human to remember that GWAR existed following a global event in which electricity shut down, and then becomes famous playing GWAR’s songs to millions of fans.

    While the premise for the actual Yesterday movie is quite far-fetched, there’s actually some believability to the GWAR angle, considering they are intergalactic barbarians whose mission is to destroy the Earth. It’s very likely they could have caused some sort of Earth-shattering event.

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    As explained on the “Ryan’s Shorts” YouTube channel, “This video will mainly appeal to people familiar with GWAR who have also seen the trailer for the upcoming film Yesterday, about a man who wakes up from an accident in a world where he is the only who remembers The Beatles. So about a dozen people.”

    In real life, GWAR still very much exist, and they’ll be terrorizing North American cities this fall on a headlining tour that kicks off September 12th in Norfolk, Virginia. Pick up tickets here.



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