Event Horizon series being developed by Amazon

The Guest filmmaker Adam Wingard is attached to the project


    Event Horizon may plumb the depths of space again. According to Variety, Amazon and Paramount Television are currently developing a series adaptation of Paul W.S. Anderson’s cruelly underrated 1997 sci-fi horror film. They’ve even managed to steal a soul for it.

    Filmmaker Adam Wingard is set to executive produce and direct the potential series, which should be an agreeable expansion to his resume. In the past, he’s directed 2014’s The Guest, 2011’s You’re Next, and, well, 2016’s not-so-good Blair Witch reboot.

    At the moment, Wingard is wrapped up in Godzilla vs. Kong, which is set to tussle into theaters next March. The larger-than-life project should be a perfect appetizer for this series, which will undoubtedly be an epic misadventure for those involved.

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    Starring Lawrence Fishburne, Sam Neill, and Jason Isaacs, the original film followed a space vessel on a rescue mission to find the titular ship, whose return from a black hole has proven rather deadly. In sum, Alien meets Hellraiser meets Interstellar.

    Revisit the trailer below. In related news, Amazon recently announced it was developing another title from 1997 into series, aka I Know What You Did Last Summer, making their recent acquisitions rather intriguing for horror hounds out there.


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